Women's Singles, Round 2: Francesca Sciavone (ITA) - Sania Mirza (IND) 5:7 6:1 6:2

My original onsite fanclub report from www.sports-india.com:

Our girl started well and forced Sciavone to face two break points in the first game, but the seeded Italian was able to stand them. Sania faced double break point in the next game as well, but survived. Next time, same situation: this time, Sania took the second of the double break point granted to her and took the lead. She managed to win her next game at serve to lead 3-1, though she struggled heavily with her serve and even comitted two double faults. Now, Sciavone seemed to play more steadily as well, but after she lead 40:30 at own serve, Sania had two break point opportunities. Again, she converted the second one, this time by a beautiful forehand passing shot. Sania lead 4-1 now, but she started struggling. In that game, she gave Sciavone two break points as well as in the eigth game, Sciavone converted in both situations and tied the score. As the Italian won her serve easily now and lead by 5-4, it was very important for Sania to come back in the game. San had minor problems, but finally did it and even lead 0:40 at Sciavone's serve. Our girl converted the second break point by an incredible backhand shot down the line. Serving for the set, she had no problems had took it 7-5.
Sania looked quite confident at the beginning of second set as well. She managed to deuce the points at Sciavone's serve in the first game of second set and then even had a break point, but a serve by the Italian, which was definitely wide, was called in. Sania could also not take advantage of another break point which was given to her by a double fault. Her opponent did it just better and converted one out of two double faults to lead 2-0. Sania got broken at her next serve again, so the score was 0-4. But our girl came up a bit and broke Sciavone - but serving at 1-4, Sania finished the game at the loosing party again and Sciavone just served for the 6-1 set win and did it.
In third set, Sciavone started with breaking Sania again. The second game of the third set was maybe the crucial one. Sania lead 30:40 against the Italian serve, but just could not take advantage of her opponents first serve problems: Sania was not able to convert three more break points as well, before Sciavone finished that game off and lead 2-0. Very important, Sania gave the Italian no need to discuss in the next game and clean-swept her at own serve. Sciavone won the next game after 40:15, but was quite lucky, as Sania missed two shots very closely, so that this game could have worked out vice versa as well. More and more, this crucial thing often called "less experience" now came up. Sania got broken again in the fifth game, trailed 1-4 and, more importantly, was two break back, so that the match was literally over. Though Sania kept pressure on Sciavone's serve, she did not manage to get any break points to come back in the game giving her a final 2-6 third set score.