Leander Paes(IND)/David Rikl(CZE) - Mahesh Bhupathi(IND)/Max Mirnyi(BLR) 4:6 6:4 6:4

My original report from www.sports-india.com:
First of all, what a cruel situation... If you cheer for Lee, you cheer against Hesh and vice versa. I am counting the days when our guys reunite for Olympics after that experience...
The first set started with four breaks in a row. LPDR made great points on MM's first service game and were awarded with a break point on 30-40. MBMM managed to tie the game again, but the second break point gave Lee and David the lead. After that DR served quite bad. Hesh made the re-break at 30-40 with a great long-line stroke. He got in big trouble in his first serve with two great points from LP/DR after a double fault. Score: 0-40. LP/DR took the second break point and the lead again, but lost it again, as Hesh played some fine points on Leander's serve. The break rallye seemed to stay on with Max being 0-30 behind on own serve, but he served well three times and was a bit lucky when a cross-shot by Leander just went out of bounds. DR's serve was quite thrilling with LP/DR being 30-0 in front but Hesh and Max fought back and scoring in two great rallyes. At the end, they got Ad and broke David again with a great stroke by Mahesh - 4:2 MB/MM. David took the revenge on Hesh's serve for that, making two great strokes that gave him and Lee the break. After that, Lee and Max did a great service job and gave their opponents no chance, but Rikl lost his serve without winning a point - 6:4 Max/Hesh.
Second set started less dramatic: Max, Lee and Hesh did good service jobs giving MM/MB a 2-1 lead. Then a big shock: Hesh called the physio and was treated for some five minutes on his right thigh. He looked quite good again after that, doing some great balls on Rikl's serve, but Lee and David tied the score. The next four games were quite safe for the serving players. At 4-4, Max's service game was quite even-strengthed, but Lee twice did a great shot and made the way to the break. Being 5-4 in front, Lee brought the set home.
In third set, Max started well and gave Lee and David no chance. Lee's serve was quite thrilling then. After a 30-0 lead, the score was 30-40. Max and Hesh wasted two break points, Lee and David took their third chance to tie the score. David looked quite weak in the next two games, giving Hesh an easy job to make his serve - but David improved again, fought back and tied the score 2-2. Max's looked quite weak after that, too, but Lee did two bad mistakes - MM/MB 3-2. No time for Lee to struggle, he did three great serves laying the foundation for the 3-3 score and playing some great points on Hesh's serve to get three break points. Hesh made a double fault to a LP/DR 4-3 lead, but the worse thing was that he seemed to have his right leg injured now. The more the rest of the match took the less Hesh could move, at the end, he just stood on court. Max did a great fight and even won his service game by four great serves, but David and Lee showing great sportmanlike behaviour by avoiding playing balls to Hesh most of the time had no problems to get the 6-4 win.